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Our high-quality production and supply standards, financial stability and long-term professional background, make us one of the major premium segment seafood suppliers in the European market. From our side, we are developing long-term and reliable partnerships with the world’s best seafood producers.

The company Unis Fish & Food (hereinafter “UFF”) was founded in 1989 as a production and trading company and today holds a leading position among suppliers of high quality seafood products for the French market.

The head office, manufacturing plant and warehouse of UFF are located in Villefranche, 20 km from the city of Lyon. 

UFF is producing smoked salmon, salmon and sturgeon premium quality caviar, which are supplemented with fish pastes, sauces and other products from the category “Exclusive Culinary”.

The company is exclusive worldwide manufacturer of seafood products for the premium culinary brand “FAUCHON”. Production of company meets the highest quality standards and is focused especially on the premium range seafood production.