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Origin of our Salmon

Salmons are kept in their natural environment in the calm waters of Norwegian fjords and freshwater streams in Scotland.

Frozen Freshness

The first rule of our process of top-quality flesh preparation is freshness. Salmon comes to us directly from a fishing net.  An average weight of one fish is approximately 7 kilograms. We receive freeze boxes with salmons stored in ice cubes. Only this way we are able to keep the meat healthy with all the important elements like protein, high omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D.  

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The Precision

Each step of the preparation process is carried out with special attention of our employees. Every fish is carefully taken out from the box and cleaned. Bones are get rid of. The salmon is headless, only the fishtail remains so it can be hung in the smokehouse. We get two single fillets of wonderful clean orange flesh, which is ready for the next step.

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Salted by Hand

Most of the fillets are put next to each other on a special shelf under a thin cover of salt to let them dry properly and to preserve their delicious taste and freshness. The flesh is salted by hand. This procedure is called dry salting, which is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. The drying process takes several hours. It depends on origin of salmon and it's morphology.   

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Smoked on Timber

The kiln is where the symphony of flavours gives rise to the unique taste of our fish. Inside, the circulating smoke creates a soft flavor and savory scent. The greatest secret to the taste of our salmon is in using special kinds of wood for smoking. Fillets are smoked slowly in low temperatures to keep a salmon flesh firm. 

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Cut by Hand

After this, the flesh is ready to be sliced to thin pieces. It is necessary to use a special knife to cut the salmon nearly into transparent slices. This part of preparation needs full attention and dutiful approach. Are you looking for an exclusive experience? The smoked salmon is the perfect choice for you!

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Finally Packed

A package is designed by our specialists. Not only the attractive design, but also the goods protection matters to us. Our boxes are made of a hygienic vaacuum package, which protects the flesh from any kind of contamination and dehydration.

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